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Hello and welcome to the warped and wacky world of N H Brown, an emerging author obsessed with unleashing the often dark and twisty tales that swim around inside her head.


N H Brown resides in a quaint little house with her husband, daughter, three high maintenance cats and an exuberant German Spitz. She enjoys fireside Netflix binges, Josh Homme, Earl Grey tea, fuzzy bumblebees, and the delicious aroma of a hot sweaty horse.


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Taylor’s End is a small, sleepy town like countless others sprinkled across rural America; until the police make a gruesome discovery at the rest stop on the outskirts of town. A man has been murdered, and it’s no ordinary killing.
Local Chief of Police, Nick Bremner fervently hopes the murder is an isolated incident, a violent act committed against a lone traveler by some hopped up hitchhiker who has probably already crossed the state line.
That same day, a stranger arrives in town, a rudderless drifter floating from one town to the next. She seems harmless enough, but she is harboring a dark and menacing secret that she can no longer control.
As the town is gripped by a spate of violent attacks that leave the tightknit community reeling, will Bremner discover who is responsible before another innocent life is lost? Or will it fall to Connor? The teenage son of the drunken landlord of Webster’s Boarding House and one of the few people who know the frightening truth about their new guest. Can Connor find the courage to stand up and fight back against the evil force threatening to destroy Taylor’s End?

Gourmet Pet Treats
 A Meaty Short Story



The pet food factory is harboring a nasty secret that the employees will protect at any cost.


When Caleb flunks his first semester of college, his parents banish him to Shilow to stay with a distant relative for the summer. Caleb wonders how he will survive the next few months staying in the small isolated town with his ultra-conservative aunt.


After a grueling week working as a laborer for a local construction company, Caleb is eager to have some fun. When his boss's son Luke suggests they hang out later that night, he is all for it.


During an illicit night of underage drinking, the boys decide to break into the pet food factory on the outskirts of town. What begins as a harmless prank, quickly escalates into something far more sinister when Caleb stumbles into a room of unspeakable horror.




High Spirits
A Shady Gums Riding Academy Novel

A story about fun, friendship, and adventure.

Fantasy Frisson is a beautiful Arabian gelding. He belongs to Alexandra-the new girl in town. But after a recent tragedy, Alexandra isn’t sure if she wants the fiery young horse.

It’s up to Caitlin McKenzie to convince Alexandra to get back in the saddle and join Caitlin and her friends on a trail ride none of the girls will ever forget.


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